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Smoothing or anti-frizz?

We have been trying Nashi Argan keratin for a few months now and girls let me tell you it's FANTASTIC!

Perfect smooth or anti-frizz?

Let's find out the difference of the individual treatments together.

- The smoothing spread thanks to Keratin, completely smoothes your hair in a single session.

It does not damage the structure in any way, but after the treatment your hair will be more hydrated and brighter.

In addition, at home you will manage them better even without using the plate.

The application is permanent and has no minimum duration, but it can change according to the condition of the hair.

We recommend that you do this treatment if you dream of straight hair and are tired of unruly hair.

- The anti-frizz treatment eliminates all types of frizz from the hair to facilitate daily management, protects from humidity and frequent temperature changes.

N.B: The anti-frizz does not have the power to smooth the hair but only to help you remove the frizz.

Also for this type of service there is no minimum or maximum duration depending on the hair and their condition.

The healthier and more hydrated the hair is, the longer the treatment will last.

There are no contraindications, both treatments are based on 100% Keratin and do not damage the hair.

For more detailed information and to find out which of the two services is best suited to your needs, we invite you to come to the salon and consult with our experts.

You can book at 338.6297324


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