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Hair grows but does not stretch

Did it happen to you too?

Find out how in 7 simple steps you can make your hair lengthen.

Hair can grow every month up to a maximum of 1.5cm, in 6 months it could grow even more than 8cm.

Immerse yourself in reading and find out how by following our 7 tips you can improve the structure of your hair and have a long and thick hair.

Before leaving, however, let's answer the important question;

Why does hair grow but not lengthen?

Hair grows but does not stretch because it breaks, this can happen for multiple reasons.

1. The products

Using professional products for the care of your hair is the basis for having healthy, strong and protected scalp and hair.

If you really want to take care of your hair, you have to choose the right products for you.

If you do not know which one to choose through a personalized consultation we can recommend the right ones according to your needs and hair. Write to us here

In this article we will not go into specifics on the products to use but if you want we leave you our other articles to guide you in the right choice;

- Do you know the foods that are good for your hair?

- Balm or Conditioner

- How to choose the right hair care products at home.

- How to properly wash your hair

2. Split ends

We know, you don't like to cut your hair, but you must know that if you really want to make your hair longer you have to give yourself a few more cuts ... just a few centimeters but more frequently .. you don't have to upset your cut 🥰

Precisely for this you have to take into account the fact that the length is maintained in favor of healthy hair.

Let's go ahead and discover the others!

3. Hair care

When was the last time you had a reconstruction treatment?

Do not remember? mmh .. then maybe it's been too long 💆‍♀️

Hair reconstruction done in the salon helps keep hair strong and healthy💁‍♀️

We recommend that you do it at least once a month.

Here you can find an article that talks about the reconstruction:

- Hair reconstruction yes or no?

4. Aggressive treatments

Avoid too aggressive low cost technical treatments, it can be a nightmare if performed by a hairdresser who does not use the right technique.

Make sure you choose a salon that uses cutting-edge techniques and is prepared for any problem.

Book a consultation with our experts

5. Follow an unhealthy diet

Following an unregulated lifestyle and having an unhealthy diet can help slow down hair growth. In this case, proteins are very important, if taken correctly they make the hair healthier and more robust!

We have selected some foods that can help fortify your hair

Read the article:

- Do you know the foods that are good for your hair?

6. Plate, iron, rubber bands and accessories

Avoid using the plate or iron every day and if you really can't do without it, we advise you not to exceed the temperature of 180 degrees.

Do not keep the hair tied all day the elastics facilitate the breaking of the hair.

7. Washing

Washing your hair every day is wrong. Too little washing is wrong.

The right rule is 2/3 times a week always using the right products for your hair.

To reinvigorate the skin, on the other hand, we recommend that you do the skin scrub once a month in order to deeply purify and cleanse the skin to make hair grow in the best possible way.

These are our 7 tips for you and if you can follow them all your hair will lengthen like never before!

This is a promise.

We remind you that you can contact us at 338.6297324

Our team is ready to help you!


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