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Hair care yes or no?

Let's find out together in this guide!

Surely you have heard of hair reconstruction, perhaps you have never done this treatment a little for laziness a little for the little information on its benefits.

Today we want to tell you why it is important to do it and why, if you haven't done it yet, you absolutely have to fix it.

Has it ever happened to you that your brush gives up the task of untangling?

Or that even the most glamorous hairstyle fails to satisfy you?

How do you get beautiful, healthy and fit hair back?

Maybe you need a deep hair reconstruction.

You must know that hair every day is subjected to tough challenges like; chemical treatments, incorrect styling, excessive use of straighteners and hairdryers, atmospheric agents, pollution, sun, saltiness, wind, chlorine, smog, a stressful lifestyle and wrong diet.

Over time they will inevitably lose their shine and hydration, they will be dehydrated to the touch and you will not know what is wrong with them.

Surely many times you will have relied on the conditioner hoping that everything will return to normal with some application.

Unfortunately, however, we have bad news ... the conditioner will never be able to restore vitality to your hair.

Using professional products at home helps you a lot to maintain hydration over time, but their effectiveness only stops outside.

To return to having the shiny hair you need to reconstruct the internal and external part of the hair.

The right time for reconstruction is all year round!

Don't wait until your hair is dry and dull!

In order not to find yourself in these unpleasant situations you must maintain and prevent breakage.

So our advice is to carry out a complete reconstruction in the salon at least every 1-2 months to have the hair more shiny, full-bodied, elastic to the touch and soft.

Now you know one more beauty secret, are you ready to make your hair shine again?

The Stella Parrucchieri Team is waiting for you in the salon!

Book your appointment at 338.6297324

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